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Quartzsite hires new attorney via League of Cities and towns.

Former Police Chief Jeffrey Gilbert has been fired -- not just relieved of duty or placed on administrative leave [or even sent on vacation as was reported this week] but fired. Details here and here. Here [type in Demand Justice in Quartzsite] , here and here, as well as here. A brief history will reveal why are so many people interested in this story...

Key Information:

15JULY2010 -- Recall efforts swiftly gathered momentum after citizens demanded the council allow Foster the same rights as prior Mayors, only to watch four of the councilmen [Winslow, Anderson, Cowell and Lukkasson] immediately vote to withdraw Foster's powers. Kelley voted against the measure while Lizarraga abstained.

Critics [such as Councilman Winslow] quickly accused a small group of citizen activists a variety of activities including 'sedition' [SEE COMPLETE VIDEO HERE] -- but the number of voting citizens who have signed the recall petitions seems to bear witness to the fact that more than 'a few' of Quartzsite's voters are aware and supportive of the effort to press through with recall efforts in an effort to secure a council that is responsive to the citizenry.

Quartzsite has had many problems with its council and over the past eight years many issues have arisen which created ongoing problems. Among the litany of complaints are issues critics say are indicative of malfeasance, and their list of complaints is extensive. It contains these:

1.  The hiring of unqualified personnel without meeting  advertising requirements;

2.  The hiring of friends and relatives to positions of authority and disregarding laws designed to prevent;

3.    Failure to provide information to citizens even when FOIA requests are involved;

4.     Misrepresentation of facts and figures;

5.    Failure to properly maintain the privacy of individuals the town accused of [even unproven] tax debts;

6.    Releasing private information to others pertinent to personal tax information;

7.     Improper handling of town council meetings leaving the town open to legal suit;

8.      Harassment of those whose views differ from those of elected officials;

9.      Improper administration resulting in the financial devastation of the town;

10.     Placing undue burdens on residents to compensate for the improper financial administration of the town;

11.     Lack of proper protocol in place for the oversight of emergency situations;

12.    Withholding of information pertinent to the town's water supply;

13.      Attempts to prevent 'certain individuals' from com-peting for positions of office.

NOTE: This is not a complete list of the accusations against Quartzsite's officials.

According to Mayor Ed Foster, many remain hopeful that the battles inside the Town of Quartzsite will ultimately be resolved, even if recall petitions are necessary.

Foster has consistently maintained that he is not responsible for the recall efforts currently underway, and those who have pressed for recall have stood to identify themselves without reservation. 

Embattled Arizona
Governor Jan Brewer is facing off against what appears to be insur-mountable odds: she's finding the Justice Department itself pitted against her...

You will note that Obama doesn't seem to like this woman...

Arizona's Governor had been indicating that she intended to do as she promised during her campaign: to do some-thing about illegal immigration.

Today, she faces the Justice Department on one side and her constituents on the other as newly elected President Barack Obama [a junior Senator from Illinois] has moved to prevent her from keeping her promises.

[Illinois -- another state inundated with illegals --is also financially devastated and now officially unable to pay its bills.]

Arizona, too, is broke, its economic infrastructure forced to accommodate literally millions of illegal immigrants who are are using the state's extensive welfare system while contributing nothing to its survival. 

Brewer was elected to do something about the im-possible situation Arizonans have faced. However, it's a task Obama is intent she not be able to accomplish.

Brewer indicated as recently as June that she will not back down from enforcing laws designed to prevent illegal immigration. 

Why  does  this  picture  look  seem  to

        look so much like this one?
Sotomayor: A Bad Choice for America

In yet another situation in which big government wins against the wishes of the citizenry, Sotomayor was confirmed Friday in spite of wide and vocal opposition.

Her decisions are poorly written and usually overturned, she openly states she is more capable than white men vying for the same position, and her detractors are the conservatives in office. Yet Obama chose her from among many more qualified
to represent his agenda.

Even Obama's supporters have had a difficult time dealing with the questions raised by this choice -- questioning why he is so determined to continue on this course in spite of his sinking numbers and criticism of his unpopular positions.

Richard Oldham, Quartzsite, visits with Jon Kyl
Kyl, widely regarded as a strong leader, is hailed for his calm under fire...
Political opponents can remove Jon Kyl from their list of those who won't stand their ground in a firefight.

Kyl not only stood his [solid] ground as a longstanding and respected Senator,  he made a mockery of the people that attempted to control him and weakened their position significantly.

A staunch conservative Republican Senator, he is widely regarded as  unshakable with an extensive history of effective leadership.

Stay tuned to stay apprised of Kyl's position on these volatile issues.

PJ Lukac works to find a cure for the cancerous tumor that will soon take his life
PJ Lukac is in a race against time to beat the cancer that is threatening his life...If you were told you were dying, how would you spend your remaining months?  The world could take a lesson from PJ Lukac who is suffering from a deadly brain tumor.

Lukac is dedicating his remaining time is this world to study the very cancer he faces as he works in the lab of Dr. Markus Bradel at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. It's a race against time itself...                   READ MORE

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What if you could make unlimited money and, no matter what mistakes you made, you would not be held accountable for them? 

And what if you were young, and believed you were working for the 'greater good' and could tell yourself that you were exempt because you were serving humanity with your 'good works?'

Those working to establish vaccines are in a hurry to bring them to market: but they are the ones who are immune as they are protected under special...       
                                                                 READ MORE


Coming Soon to Quartzsite: Arizona Western University is developing a new facility in Quartzsite - a turning point that's sure to bring about great opportunity for those interested in seeing true growth in the area...

                               read more

Don't let the state tell you what you can live in or where...






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