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Mike Roth's Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: I am just a regular citizen of Quartzsite, here less than a year. To tell you the truth, I wish I'd known more about this place before I moved here.

I was told about the video of the council meeting where the man was criticized and accused of trying to extort ?? the councilman that was doing the speaking. I watched it and I think its awful. I wish I knew more about this or what happened before this grand announcement -- but I also want to know why this is allowed. How can they trash someone like that in public? At least he was nice to her -- that's more than I can say for her.

I might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer as they say  but I know that had to be illegal. What's wrong with these people? I would never run for office in a place where people can be treated like that publicly with no regard for the law or the rights of the people they are supposed to represent. Is this why no one in office seems like they know what they should to be able to be in that office? I'm worried. What if I want to run for office here some day? Would I be treated like this in public?

They must be mad about that coalition thing. But even then, this wasn't the way to handle it.

I know you have to know who wrote this but please don't use my name. I hear too much about what they do to people that complain.

The Citizen's Coalition
meets twice monthly for a 'no host' dinner meeting Monday evenings at the Taco Mio Restaurant  at 5:30 - 6:00 p.m. [the night before the Town Council meetings] at 130 Main Street
in the western dining room. The public is invited to listen and participate as the topic of town government is addressed. 

"We encourage people to attend these meetings; the information the Citizen's Coalition is bringing to the fore is a welcome alternative to the 'status quo.' Both informational and educational, the Citizen's Coalition is becoming a force for truth and accountability, which can 'pinch a bit' those who have become accustomed to having no oversight whatsoever," one member stated.

"The Citizen's Coalition has a designated purpose, and operates utilizing the same standards of operation that Citizen's Coalitions utilize throughout the country. "

"Striving to maintain an open and equal forum [can be difficult] in a municipal setting. We support open and honest communication and encourage those with 'something to say' to use this forum to address, respectfully, current issues," said chairman Dean Taylor.

"The Citizen's Coalition website provides a forum for people to address pertinent issues without having to publicly identify themselves. All we ask is that people make no accusations against anyone but instead work to document issues that they feel are being mishandled.

"If that is indeed the case, then those matters should be dealt with via whatever legal methods are available -- personalities completely aside," Taylor concluded.

We believe as much in the individual's right to communicate without critique, as we do the community's right to hear various opinions without oversight or manipulation.

The Citizen's Coalition Wednesday evening reiterated its request for an opportunity to elect a Mayor for the Town of Quartzsite.  Meeting attendees left unsure of what the vote had been intended to entail and Town Manager/Town Attorney Dan Field was unavailable for comment Thursday and Friday, as was  sitting Mayor Walter Akin.

Also as issue during the meeting was the town's approach to zoning, delineated in a statement by Century 21 Real Estate Agent Doug Guilford. Guilford discovered an unorthodox approach to zoning issues when he purchased a property in Quartzsite only to find the C2 zoning challenged by Quartzsite's zoning official.

                                                                                                                    READ MORE

The financial struggles facing business in today's economy threatens to upset many townships: Quartzsite among them

                                                  READ MORE


Among the first to warn travelers, the Mexico problem is escalating and gaining national attention.
Planning a trip to Mexico?  Now is not the time to go
. Bandits in such highly popular areas as San Carlos have travelers terrified -- and Tijuana, also a popular destination, is faring no better at this point in time. Officials attribute the problems to gang activity and hired executioners as more and more seem to be engaging in 'turf wars,' but an uninformed public should avoid Mexico travel until the danger is deemed to have subsided. We will continue to monitor this situation.

The bailout  [and its rejection]  has had everyone talking: but is it concern for avoiding an economic freefall -- or the belief that the citizenry is not being represented that's driving it? Martial Law has been implemented. Even Congress is indicating their opinions are being ignored. Bernanke was warned by Ron Paul months ago [VIDEO HERE]of the looming crisis.

                                                                            READ MORE

The Citizen's Coalition recently formed in Quartzsite is taking issue with the future status of the post vacated when Bennett relinquished his position citing 'personal reasons.'

Bennett's letter of resignation was presented to the council Wednesday, August 27th, and formally accepted at a special meeting held Wednesday, August 28th. Many spectators at Tuesday's meeting indicated they found the diatribe presented against Mayor Bennett offensive, even though the case against Bennett -- presented without interruption by Daniel Field-- did not appear to be without merit.

Bennett officiated during the first part of that Tuesday council meeting and excused himself for the duration of the session, leaving the room to the remaining members of the council and Town Manager/Attorney Daniel G. Field, to discuss the case against him in open session, with many townspeople in attendance. He did not attend Thursday's meeting when his resignation was presented for acceptance.


                                                                            READ MORE





The bailouts are being described as amounts TEN TIMES THE NATIONAL DEBT. 10% of the banks are on the verge of failure...

The fact is, there's more money changing hands than is comfortable for most people: huge losses are being sustained by even the most savvy and frugal investors, the downturns keep happening and the pivotal 'turnarounds' that would typically allow losers to recoup are becoming fewer with ever lengthening periods of time in between.

Is it the 'redistribution of wealth' that's been a source of such concern of late?

Be sure to hit our FINANCE SECTION for information and even referrals... and stay on top of what's happening in the SCAM department: as times get tougher, more and more are scamming both individuals and businesses.


Not your grandfather's method of skiing - but he's over 60!

Quartzsite's Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau is Expanding!
The new office located at 395 North Central Boulevard -- look for the gold! -- is expanding their services!

Proud to be a member of the US Chamber of Commerce, the QCOC and Tourism Bureau, the designated Tourism officer for the entire region,  invites participation from all area business and businesspeople, organizations and private individuals interested in becoming involved.

This online  publication is a service of the Quartzsite Chamber of Commerce and is supportive of our business community as well as our citizens. We have an abundance of information on our local businesses as well as maps, guides, magazines and brochures from the entire western portion of the U.S.

Last year, an Information and Referral Line, open 24/7 to answer questions and assist people in an instant was begun -- and ran throughout the year with great success, answering thousands of calls. Toll free: 1-888.267-4587 or 1.888.241.6557.

Drop in and check out the materials available to you from our new office on Central Boulevard. We look forward to meeting you!

Ron Paul has issued a scathing statement concerning the present state of financial irresponsibility on the part of U.S. leadership...          
                                 VIDEO    READ MORE

The Republican National Committee is  it at the center of a firefight in St. Paul MN as the RNC Convention got underway with McCain as the 'party choice' amidst a flurry of protests, with many protesters being arrested.


More than a few disagree that the numbers  of McCain supporters were tallied accurately, and it seems to be those people -- some politically prominent -- that are becoming increasingly vocal with 50,000 people expected to participate in the St. Paul protest.


Even their detractors agree that they may have a point: Why was Ron Paul -- the stated winner of every debate in which he participated - suddenly prevented from debating either McCain, Clinton or Obama?

Another point of contention is the current rhetoric Palin is spewing about Russia: while the world awaits her making her first real speech, her first remarks took many by surprise.

Those persons within the U.S. [and many of those abroad] who oppose further war involvement are greatly concerned that yet another war is evolving on yet another front.


Are their concerns justified?

What's behind the financial crisis?





Coming Soon to Quartzsite: Arizona Western University is developing a new facility in Quartzsite - a turning point that's sure to bring about great opportunity for those interested in seeing true growth in the area...

read more


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