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If you haven't checked out Laughlin lately...

Both Cameron and his sister 'Full House' star Candance Cameron Bure remain outspoken Christian evangelicals in Hollywood -- and Cameron's dedication to his faith has insulated him against critics.

"Every candle that gets lit in the dark room must feel a little rejection from the darkness around it -- but the last thing I want from those who hold a different world view to me is to accept me. I don't want their acceptance," he states, "What I want is for them to be transformed and see the light of what I'm trying to say to them."

Riverside Glamour at Laughlin
Author: David H. Urmann

Riverside Hotel Resort and Casinos is a family- operated resort that has been very successful throughout these years. It is not only well- operated; it also has great location for you to explore... [Con't. below...]

Mickey Rooney testifying before Congress over the abuse he suffered as a family member sought to take control of Rooney's financial assets
Rooney has come forward to tell a Senate Committee on Aging of the horrific elder abuse issue and describes the suffering he endured at the hands of a family member who sought to control his assets. Rooney specified that he was the victim of verbal, emotional and financial abuse, further saying that they stripped him of the ability to make even the most basic decisions while concentrating most of their efforts on meddling in his financial affairs.

Reports of a restraining order on behalf of Rooney, his wife, Jan and a stepson, Mark -- all of whom were living with the actor -- against a stepson identified as Chris Aber and his wife, Christina Aber, have lead to the assertion that they are involved.

Rooney has accused Aber in court filings of withholding food and medicine and meddling in his personal finances. He also indicated that they blocked access to his mail, Aber is the son of Janice Rooney, whom Rooney married  in 1978.

An L.A. attorney has been appointed as temporary Conservator of Rooney's estate with a permanent Conservator to be appointed at a later time, that case scheduled to be heard this month..

Rooney has indicated that he is fearful of retaliatory action on the part of the alleged perpetrators against himself, his wife, or his stepson, Mark.

Rooney's career spanned decades, beginning in the 1920's and continuing through the 70's. At 90, he still displays a strong and passionate character as he testified before the Senate Committee on Aging.

Riverside Glamour at Laughlin

Author: David H. Urmann

Riverside Hotel Resort and Casinos is a family- operated resort that has been very successful throughout these years. It is not only well- operated; it also has great location for you to explore.

Laughlin is a non-populous place located in Nevada, United States. This is one of the top five destinations of the American recreational vehicles (vehicle where a family lives for their whole life; it is usually referred as the American RV) enthusiasts. This is an unincorporated township that is named after its founder "Don Laughlin", an Owatonna, Minnesota. He is the owner of the Riverside Hotel Resort and Casino.

Riverside Hotel Resort and Casinos has been established in 1966. This was Nevada's first hotel and casino. It is located at the banks of the beautiful Colorado River. This is near the Laughlin's casino strip. Don Laughlin himself and his family operated this resort. They even have an airport shuttle services for their guests. This hotel and casino is a family- friendly resort for their guests. There are lots of activities that they offer here. This can assure the guests that their stay here will be worthwhile.

The hotel features:

• Three casinos
• 34 lane bowling alleys
• Movie theater
• Video arcades
• Classic car museum
• Night club
• Showroom

However, Riverside Hotel Resort and Casino is not a pet- friendly hotel. It has rooms for business - meetings, a business center, and Internet connection - which are very much available in the hotel for business people. Conference rooms are also available. Event catering can be availed for your business gatherings like this. For a relaxing moment after a busy day, go to a salon and get a massage treatment. Outdoor pools, spa tub and a poolside bar can help you calm and relax.

Their guest rooms are located in the two high- rise towers. It offers the view of the city and the river and mountains. Rooms have balconies for splendid sceneries.

Riverside Hotel and Casino amenities are all so complete for your daily needs. Aside from the mentioned hotel features, they also have:

• Dry Cleaning services - this is for your clothes so you need not to find for a laundry shop while wanting to extend your vacation.

• Currency Exchange - for you to be able to do business in the place, not worrying about money. You do not need to go to the bank to be able to have your currency exchange.

• Garden - for you to be able to feel the nature in this place

• News stand for news paper readers

• Banquet facilities

• Gift shop and shopping online for you to be able to buy goodies and souvenirs for your love ones left at home

• Children's activities are provided for kids who are with their busy parents. Your kids would not feel bored in this place because of these activities.

• Wheelchair Accessible - this place is a friendly place for person with disabilities. They can be safe in this place because the hotel follows the accessibility law for persons with disability.

For those who are fond of food, they have great restaurants and coffee shops and cafés. These places are giving live entertainment so you will surely enjoy your dining experience. The hotel offers river fun activities like a cruise on the USS Riverside and watercraft adventures.

The above- mentioned things are more appreciated if you come and visit the area, with Laughlin's tourist attractions. These area attractions are great things to visit when you are in Laughlin. These area attractions are:

• Colorado River
• Laughlin Events Park
• Horizon Outlet Mall
• Davis Dam/Lake Mohave
• Katherine Landing (Marina)
• Grapevine Canyon (Petroglyphs)

All of these places can bring wonders not only for first- comers but for regular visitors as well. You can actually tour the whole Laughlin while staying in this hotel because their recreational activities includes excursion on a boat having an open deck and local helicopter tours.

Action in Laughlin would not stop even a single minute because they offer gaming actions and entertainment 24 hours a day. This place offers an amazing and relaxing town atmosphere for everyone.


One would think that by the time 2013 rolled around, Internet access problems would be a thing of the past. Not so. Some of the old companies with the worst reputations started the same games under new names [DirecTV became HUGHES.NET] and started signing consumers again -- largely without a proper warning by the [corporate] press. How do you avoid getting scammed?

Ask in advance about their FAP record [they shut off your Internet if you use it too much] and -- even if your use is limited, you can find yourself with having violated their policies -- so call them and let them know you are recording the call -- or ask to 'get that in writing' before signing a contract with them. Google their company name name online followed by a word like 'scam' or 'rip-off' or 'I hate [COMPANY NAME]'. If you hit into thousands of hits -- and especially if you discover 40,000 hits or more, you can bet there's a bigger problem than just 'run-of-the-mill consumer issues.









Chuck Norris Endorses Patriot Film

The criticism Chuck Norris is enduring over his endorsement of an overtly Christian film is very telling. Norris, widely known to hold Christian beliefs, chose to endorse the project, although he makes no appearance in the film, which is describes as  seeking to spark dialogue about America's founding values, patriotism and individual rights

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The Kitfox lives in our region and shares the hills with coy

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The Kitfox lives in our region and shares the hills with coy

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